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Final installment in the CEVA Saga. Instead of the next day, it took 3 days to finally deliver the replacement TV.

This time the box didn't have holes in it, it just looked like it had been dropped several times and run over in the warehouse. Once I opened the box I found a large dent in the back but the tv powered up. Once on the wall, I popped in a DVD and the movie looked good, until a night scene. That's when I saw that CEVA once again damaged the unit, a large "faded" area showed up right in the middle of the screen, not far from the dent on the back.

The supplier offered to replace the unit once again but the only other carrier is FEDEX and I was told that they have a worse reputation than CEVA.

Most of what my dad watched on the unit was acceptable to him, so in that respect my efforts were successful. My mom and dad have both died since this story began so I'm now preparing the house for sale and I'm leaving the home theater for the new owner.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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The phones ring off the hook at Ceva because they don't have an answering service to place callers in the order received. Ceva operates on a very low budget, but this means that the they are technologically backwards.

The drivers are hired on a contract, so they are not obligated to do anything. This is part of the low budget I just mentioned. Contractually, they are to deliver to the first door they encounter. They are not required to call you or even to respond when they are called.

The driver doesn't know when your shipment will come in. He simply does the deliveries given to him that day. There is a reason they are rated 5th in the business.


Very sorry for your experience.

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