Wish there will be a no star to give, My story starts with a Sony TV that is not working , and weeks later getting a replacement from Sony that needs to be switched with the defected Sony. Then finally came the call from Ceva Logistic, that they got the replacement and they can deliver, offering me a window from 10 to 3 ( and that means staying home from work waiting for the magic delivery) the call from the driver came around 2 pm that he will be arriving in 20 minutes.

Great !!! An hour later still no sign, driver doesn't answer his phone, company main office doesn't answer phone, finally, around 3 30, driver informs me that he is in a total different area ( i mean 2 hours away ) from my address, and that it was a mistake made with my delivery. I should call Ceva logistic to reschedule. Many tries later , someone answers the phone, border line rude, not even a hint of an apology, informed me that i will have to stay home from work another day from 10 to 3 , to receive the TV .

How hard is it in this day an age, once a truck is loaded in the morning, and the order of deliveries set , ( i would hope for their costs that they will try to deliver in the shortest distance between addresses ) How hard is it ...to give a call and estimate when they will arrive ?

Is it really 5 hours window the only way to know when the truck will get to you ? Are they using buggy and horses that might need unexpected rest , or being attacked on the road ? With a GPS in every truck, is it so hard to know when they will get to you ?

Why are we the consumers have to be treated like this ?

Who can afford not going to work days in a row to wait for deliveries? Why do we have to put up with these companies that forget all the time that we are the clients and we are the one paying ?

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